Medical tourism for Norwegians in Riga, Latvia

What do you mean by bypass operation?  Bypass operations means constructing a separate path different from the already existing one and channelizing through the new path.  Bypass surgeries are being used in different medical cases these days.  Apart from its use in cardiac surgeries the bypass technique has also become popular in gastric surgeries today.  One major use of bypass operasjon or bypass surgery is seen these days in the treatment of morbid obesity.  Riga in Latvia has specialised in performing these surgeries and today there are a great number of Norwegian patients opting for such medical procedures here.

Medical treatment in Riga is thoroughly professional.  There are specialised medical centres that endeavour to cater to the specialized needs of Norwegian patients when fixing appointments.  Their surgeons review the patients’ medical documents and health reports in order to assess the feasibility of bypass surgery bypass operasjon in each specific case.  The dates for surgery can also be fixed early enough so that the patient does not have to experience long waiting periods.  There are well equipped, up to date medical centres that can take care of any contingency that may arise.  Riga also boasts of extremely experienced surgeons and medical team members.  Very good quality surgical equipments are generally used and there would be no cause for complaints.

After five years of the medical procedure the patient may come again for a review.  The main reason that Norwegians prefer to undergo these bypass procedures in Riga is the competitive prices that it offers. Bypass surgeries can be conducted in Riga in Latvia for half of the price that it would cost in Norway.  There are plenty of English speaking medical staff in Riga on account of which there is no worry of language problems for the Norwegians who come here for their weight loss operations and treatments.   Medical centres in Riga provide round the clock care to their patients and therefore the patients can be assured of being in safe hands.  Reaching Riga is also not a problem for the Norwegians because of the direct flights that are available from Norway to Riga.  Added to all these benefits is the availability of the Surgeon’s liability insurance in Riga, which gives assurance to patients of coverage against surgical mishaps.

Getting these weight loss bypass surgeries performed abroad has many advantages.  It gives you a chance to save your time and money as these medical procedures can be scheduled for much earlier and at much lower rates in Riga than what one would be able to do in Norway.  The expertise of the doctors in Riga is also very good as they are highly trained and experienced in bariatric surgeries.  Apart from the doctors the support staff is also well trained and better equipped. Riga being a beautiful place, doubles up as an ideal sightseeing location also when patients come here for their weight loss surgeries.  The Norwegians can come for medical treatments and return with both physical and emotional gains.


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