Breaking the Controversies about Cosmetic Surgery

If you mention the term Cosmetic surgery to anyone, then you would surely hear something weird. Every person on this Earth has their point of view about Cosmetic surgery. However, there are some myths and controversies related to it. Here, you will be able to unfold the common myths and find out the real truth about Cosmetic treatments.

Age Limitations:

It is false that anyone can go under the knife at any age. In Australia, the age limit for people to undergo any surgery is 18 years. However, it is not a hard rule that can’t be changed in emergencies. The rule can be changed for the children who have undergone extensive trauma because of some accident or congenital disability. In such cases, the patient often seeks medical help that can correct the deformities. The main controversy lies around the fact that whether it is ethically correct or not. Many people argue that it is unethical and maybe it will affect the mental health of the kids.

Faulty Breast Implants:

For a very long time, concerns have raised because of the quality of the surgery. Silicone was the material used in the breast implants which increased the safety risks for women. The poor grade material can cause breast cancer. Even though the evidence to this claim is still not found, but it was a huge controversy all over the world.  That’s why; many medical centers like Dr Zacharia Double Bay center have ensured the patients that they use high-quality material to ensure that their patients are not at risk.

Laser and IPL Regulation:

As the Laser and IPL treatments were increasing in Australia, there was a big controversy related to it. Some claims were made that the doctors are misusing the schedule 4 drugs. Botox and Dysport were highly discriminated. However, after the investigation was done, no one concluded that it was the drug that was resulting in health issues. Usually, the cases that raised the rumor were the mal-practice surgery due to the incompetence of doctors. Therefore, the authorities of Australia that was dealing with such kind of controversies made it mandatory that the rules are regulations must be followed correctly.

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