According to health experts, around eighty percent (80%) of people around the world experiences lower back pain at some point of their life, and back pain is the number one cause for people to be less productive in their tasks which results to a lot of negative effects.

Back pain is the symptom caused by various biopsychosocial conditions and the most common reason for a lot of people to take an unwanted leave of absence to visit a doctor or a physiotherapist.

What makes I fortunate nowadays is that people can easily get treated with back pain that is mainly caused by musculoskeletal conditions, and in general, lower back pain can be avoidable for everyone who is willing to learn the knowledge to prevent it, with the help of our friends from Physiotherapy Ottawa.

In this article, let us talk about the essential things that will contribute to preventing lower back pain. So what causes lower back pain? Acute back pain is very often to a lot of people because of an injury to the muscles and its ligaments that supposed to support our back. The pain is mainly caused by the spasms that occur to the muscles or there is a strain or tear in it, but there are more serious conditions that might contribute to the pain but it happens only to a few cases.

The best treatment for lower back pain is to have an accurate diagnosis first about its cause and to locate the area of the pain so that the treatment will be directed there that will be conducted by a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who is the experts in this kind of treatment. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy uses the advanced clinical assessment and the diagnosis for the entire treatment process as these physiotherapists are trained in an expanded and extensive range of treatment methods and techniques.

A musculoskeletal physiotherapist should be able to bring relief to the affected area of the back pain, as well as provide the patient the best way to manage the back pain and improve its condition, at the same time helping the patient to recover quickly so that they can return to their normal routine.

They are aiming to improve your flexibility, the strength of your muscle in the lower back area, at the same time improve also the quality of the movement, and the proprioception, and coordination of the patient’s motor skills and motion.

According to most physiotherapists, improving their patient’s fitness routine will surely improve the condition of the lower back area. This is because the muscle group in the affected area is not just healed but also strengthened itself from undergoing strenuous exercise to prevent it from getting injured again that causes the pain.

There are no guarantees that people can avoid lower back pains in their entire lifetime, but, according to experts, the best way to minimize the chances of making a lower back pain worse is doing regular exercise which maintains the normal flexibility of your muscle in supporting your entire spine.

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